Musical comedy’s answer to the Manson family – Evening Standard

Sequin-clad satirical weirdos Bourgeois & Maurice write songs that stick in your head like bloodstains in your nice new carpet. Their world is a sexy, stomping, politically-charged echo chamber. A highly theatrical kaleidoscope of current affairs, moral confusion and slippery social commentary.

 It’s hard to think of any other act delivering such clever, funny and sharp material – Time Out

Recognised as one of the leading acts in London’s alternative performance scene, the award-winning semi-siblings gave their first performance in 2007 and have gone on to tour the world - collecting fans from Belgrade to New York. They have performed at the Royal Opera House, Southbank Centre and Sadler’s Wells and regularly appear at Soho Theatre in London. They have produced and toured seven full-length theatre shows; How to Save the World without Really Trying (2016); Social Work (2009), Shedding Skin (2010), Can’t Dance (2010), Fa La La La La / Started A Band (2011), Sugartits (2012) and Middle of the Road (2014), as well as curating and hosting their own mixed-bill night Shindig.


The duo have released four albums, which you can play at events such as retirement parties or christenings. Find them on iTunes and Spotify and in the Music section of this site. They have co-written songs with electronic music act Joe & Will Ask, drag pioneer Jonny Woo and nightclub wunderfreaks Sink the Pink. In 2017 they won the HOME Manchester T1 Commission prize which will see them create a new main stage show for the theatre premiering 2020.

Like something out of mars attacks! by way of east london nightlife, B&M have worked their way up from the capital's alt-cabaret scene to become modern day music hall stars – guardian

As well as receiving nice reviews from the press, and some awards from awards people, they once received a letter of complaint for spilling fake blood on a lady’s capri pants. They, like the victim of the fake blood incident, recognise that life can be surprising and sometimes inconvenient - and this is what their work reflects.

Gloriously inappropriate songs, laugh-out-loud and completely unmissable. Without a doubt, the coolest kids in cabaret – Gay Times

The B&M BackstorY

Georgeois Bourgeois

Georgeois Bourgeois

Maurice Maurice

Maurice Maurice

Georgeois Bourgeois and Maurice Maurice are probably brother and sister. At different points in their past they have also been grandmother and grandson, lovers, brothers, and each other. They accidently killed the people who identified as their parents, during a freak storm in 1987, whilst trying to install satellite TV. Thankfully the installation was successful, and they subsequently raised themselves with the guiding hand of modern media.

They may be aliens, but who isn’t?

Georgeois Bourgeois’s DNA is compiled of the space in between particles, known as dark matter. His favourite things are himself and the attention of an audience. Maurice Maurice owes her genetic heritage to telerobotics and has, as yet, been unable to form a single emotion.

In the future they hope to abuse the tax system, self-identify as a poisonous gas, continue their work with underprivileged celebrities and join Amazon Prime.


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