The Third



track list

1. Started A Band
2. Apocalypso
3. C.H.A.O.S (The Third Version)
4. Tax Me
5. Goodbye Europe
6. Song for a Friend
7. We Want Love

8. Social Networks
9. The Lizard Men (The Third Version)
10. Ritalin (The Third Version)
11. Privacy's For Paedos
12. Tolerance
13. Forget you (The Third Version)


Released by Very Attractive Records, 2013

All songs written by Liv Morris and George Heyworth
Except track 1 written by Liv Morris, George Heyworth and Joss Acock

The Band
Georgeois Bourgeois: Vocals, comb & rizla
Maurice Maurice: Piano, vocals, synths, melodica & keytar
Charles D. Gore: Guitar, bass & backing vocals
Lazer Wolfe: Drums, percussion & Greek chorus

Assistants to Messrs Wolfe & Gore : Jack Carr & Charlie Webb

Track 1: Rosie Skirrow (saxophone) - Track 3: Gwyneth Herbert (vocal theramin) - Track 4: Dik Cadbury (guitar) - Track 6: Joss Acock (guitar) Ben Humphreys (guitar & drums) Rosie Skirrow (bass) Richard Langford (string arrangements) - Track 7: Richard Langford (string arrangements) - Track 11: Paul McMullan (insightful optimism) - Track 12: Rosie Skirrow (saxophone) Richard Langford (horn & string arrangements) - Track 13: Ayanna Witter-Johnson (cello)

Produced by
Tracks 1, 2, 6, 7, 10 & 12 Ben Humphreys
Tracks 3, 5, 11 & 13 Gwyneth Herbert
Track 8 Ben Humphreys & Liv Morris
Track 9 Gwyneth Herbert & Ben Humphreys

Engineered by JP Buckle
Mixed by Ben Humphreys
Mastered by Ben Turner at Finesplice
Recorded at The Damp Basement, London. Piano on tracks 1, 7, 10 & 12 recorded at Soho Theatre, London

We owe huge and unending thanks to all the people who donated to our SponsuMe campagin. We’ll love you forever. Joss Acock, Katy Algie, Darius Amini, Joshua Andersen, Adela Apetroaia, Ushi Bagga, Jacquelyn Bell, Sandy Bontout, Pam Burn, Alison Carr, Cecile Chich, Lindsey Clarke, David Clement, Michael Collins, John Commeree, Earl Dax, Michael Eppy, Rosie Fletcher, Andrew Gallimore, Amanda Gettrup, Paul Gray, Dr J Harrison, Michael Hewitt, Annie Heyworth, David Hoyle, Renatha Iussa, Christopher James., Emma Levinkind, Niamh Lines, Benedict Lumley, George Mann, Lyndell Mansfield, Tom McGregor, Ciaran McKenna, Kate Moross, Andrew Morris, John Moxey, Nina Muehlemann, Anna Negrini, Malcolm Nicholson, Herve Nourisson, Emma Oliver, Sia Ratajczak, Alex Samuel, Julian Smith, Abel Tao, Mandy Thomson, Jessica Tyler, Craig Visser, Felix von Reiswitz, Nick Walsh, Tom Wells, Alastair Whatley, Lucy White, R Whiteside, Tony Wood.