musical couture



track list

1. Cyber Lament
2. I Can't Live in London
3. Little Pins
4. What Would You Do?
5. Ritalin
6. Girls in Neon
7. Valerie

8. All The Boys
9. Don't Go To Art School
10. Addicted
11. Celebrity
12. Dull People
13. If You Don't Know What To Do With Your Life
14. Forget You


Released by Very Attractive Records, 2009

All songs written by Bourgeois & Maurice
Vocals: Georgeois Bourgeois, Maurice Maurice
Piano: Maurice Maurice
Mixed & Mastered by: JM Finch
Recorded by: JM Finch, John Acock, Joss Acock, Ben Humphreys

Thanks Sugartits. To the one and only Roob Dog - we are forever your dweebs. To the sublime Julian & Gustavo - without you we simply would not be, thank you for making us beautiful. Thanks to JM, Joss & John for the hot sounds. Lisa Lee Pablo & David for giving us a chance, Scottee for bitching with us, Jono for all your PR (and filth), Simone for all your support, Tom Jef for this sexy CD cover, Tim for being fucking brilliant, cheers you big fat dyke. Tom Morris tech support inc, Ciaran McKenna Facebook Dilemma, Gemma Kirby Davies & Emma (Jenny) Jane Jones, Nic Chalmers & Sophie Lowthian, Finger in the Pie, Alison & Paul, Annie & Hannah, Sinden, Andrew Gallimore, Tom Russel, Dismo Peach Disaster, The Four Seasons Supermarket, Impetigo, the 341 bus for occasionally turning up and helping us believe in romance, George & Livvy, and of course to you for taking the step to a better life and purchasing this CD. Congratulations. From here on out everything will be just peachy. B&M x