Major news!

We are so excited to announce that we have been awarded the T1 Commission prize at HOME in Manchester.

‘What the living hell is the T1 Commission?’ you ask. Well it’s a major opportunity for us to move into making larger scale work for main stages. We’re developing a new production which will premiere at HOME in 2019. What will it be? We’re working that out now but we’ve already been told we can’t have the hydraulic diamond-encrusted staircase and chorus of 1,000 dancing elephants that we had originally hoped, so fingers crossed some more ideas come along at some point.

But srsly.

We were up in Manchester last week to meet the brilliant team at HOME, who we’ll be annoying for the next two years. We also went on a walking tour of Manchester which was seriously amazing and everyone should do it. We’d always imagined walking tours to involve cagoules and slightly alarming activewear. Perhaps a fleece and one of those fold-out stools that doubles as a walking stick. But this wasn’t like that, our guide was Jonathan Schofield, Editor at Large of, who knows literally everything you could possibly know about a city with such a radical history. He’s a human wikipedia with more reliable sources.

Here we are looking like massive geeks. [TRIGGER WARNING: We’re not wearing any make up]


We’ll be working on this show in London and Manchester and we’re aiming to update this blog regularly-ish as we go along, because oversharing is caring and privacy is dead. Also because we forget things a lot, so this will be useful place to remind us what we’ve been doing/thinking.

You can read more about the T1 Commission here if you like clicking on links: